Warranty Terms

Goods sold under BIA comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement, refund or compensation if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and does not amount to a major failure. What constitute a major failure is set out in the Australian Consumer Law.

    1. The terms “we” “us” “our” and “BIA” refer to Boss Illumination Australia Pty Ltd or representatives working under BIA.
    1. The terms “you” refers to the consumer / purchaser of the goods.
    1. “Supplier” refer to the person or company that sold you the goods, eg. electrical wholesaler, distributor, electrical contractor and other resellers that carry our brand.
    1. “Goods”, “items” or “products” refer to all products, materials, upgrades and services under the BIA brand purchased in Australia.
    • All BIA goods come with a minimum of 1 year warranty.
    • Warranty period will be stated in the product line on your invoice. Check with your supplier if the warranty period is not stated on your invoice.
    • Costs associated with a claim (including but not limited to removal, installation and freight) made against this warranty are not the responsibility of BIA.

    • When investigating a warranty claim, BIA reserves the right to contact the installer or the owner to discuss matters related to the installed location, usage and installation methods.

    • Warranty replacements can be in the form of:
      a. Fixing an existing faulty product
      b. Replacing with a new product of the exact same model

c. Replacing with a new product of a newer model
d. Replacing with a new product of a similar model

e. Replacing with a refurbished model of the exact same model

f. Store credit of equal value as stated on your invoice

g. Monetary refund to the value as stated on your invoice

    • Your warranty claims will not be accepted if:
      a. The product has been dismantled and tampered with
      b. The damage is caused by environmental, external force or act of God

c. The product was damaged by power surge
d. The product is used for any purpose other than for which it was designed for
e. The product was not installed properly by a licensed electrician
f. Customer or Installer failed to follow any guidelines or instructions given by BIA (eg. incorrect wiring, voltage, installation location not to IP guidelines, etc.)
g. Product was damaged from pest infestation
h. Product was vandalised or stolen
i. Damage is done by regular usage wear and tear
j. The warranty period is over
k. No invoice or proof of purchase

  • Warranty claims do not cover the expenses of:
    a. Shipping or delivery fee to and from our warehouse
    b. Removal or installation of the product
    c. External damages caused by the product

BIA reserves the right to change the warranty terms at its own sole discretion.